Company History

1992 - Greenshades was founded

Greenshades was established in Jacksonville, FL in 1992 as an accounting company that sold and supported a system called 'Great Plains Accounting for DOS' (a very early ancestor of Microsoft Dynamics GP). Our business was built around deploying accounting systems and helping our clients organize and run their books.

1996 - Magnetic Media was developed

In 1996, in order to solve a problem our clients were encountering, we created our first piece of software to handle tax reporting. This software created "magnetic media" tax files using the payroll information found within Great Plains and then assisted users in saving and submitting those files to state governments. This specific tax software has evolved over the years into our Tax Filing Center solution. The Tax Filing Center has grown into the flagship of our offerings and is used by thousands of companies across the world to assist with a wide variety of tax returns.

2002 - A new era for Greenshades

In 2002, the ownership of Greenshades changed hands, and we began to drastically modernize our offerings. As an early adopter of Microsoft’s .NET technology, Greenshades began to build more software for the new Microsoft Dynamics family of accounting packages.

2014 - Greenshades into the future

Greenshades sells a variety of client applications and web portals that handle the headaches associated with running payroll. In addition to our tax software, we now also offer a Payroll Tax Service that further reduces the tax burden of our clients. This tax service calculates deadlines, files returns, and transfers payments on behalf of our clients and is controlled through a simple webpage. We also provide a Year-End Form distribution system that electronically distributes W-2s and 1099s to employees and vendors and offers the option for us to print and mail any remaining forms.

Other software and solutions

We also have an Employee Services web portal that is hosted on our servers and provides paystubs and other documents. This portal empowers employees with self-service timesheets, time-off requests, profile information, and more. It has been very popular with companies that want to go green and save money at the same time. Finally, we have a handful of other software packages that help make it easier to run payroll. Benefits empowers your employees to select and manage their health insurance, retirement, and other benefits packages in an online portal. Garnishments calculates and deducts garnishments according to state regulations, and Dynamics Payroll Inspector provides updated state and local tax withholding rates to insure a proper payroll run.

High ethical standards

We were founded as a Christian company and do our best to conduct business in an ethical fashion, treating our clients with respect, and standing behind our products with included technical support and money back guarantees. Our testimonials and our client retention rate (around 95% each year) attest to the quality of our software and customer service. We are still excited about the prospect of problem solving for any companies that come our way, and we expect the steady growth that we have experienced over the past decade to continue for years to come.